Fantasia Ceiling Fans

The Viper Fantasia Ceiling Fan. One of many fittings from the range

Fantasia Ceiling Fans were formed in 1985 and have been credited as pioneers of the UK ceiling Fan market. Over the past decade the range of Fantasia ceiling fans has increased from 12 models to over 60. The very latest styles created by Fantasia include the Palm, Odyssey Plus, Hydra, Orbit, Orion and Enigma. Pewter has been added to the Gemini range and the Viper range now has an antique brass finish. Fantasia Ceiling Fans also offer wall lighting to complement their fanlights. Commited to quality, service and value for money the Fantasia ceiling fan motors are constructed of silicon steel with double sealed bearings. These features ensure long, quiet, reliable and maintenance free operation from you Fantasia Ceiling Fan.

At Lightahome we agree totally with the above statement taken from the current Fantasia Ceiling Fans catalogue (copyright of Fantasia, all rights reserved) That's why we recommend anyone who wishes to purchase a ceiling fan should consider Fantasia Ceiling Fans. Try following the link below.

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Fans should always be installed by a qualified electrician. Try looking in the yellow pages for a local electrician or visit your nearest independent lighting shop and ask them to recommend someone. A good tradesman will be more than able to install Fantasia Ceiling Fans
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