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All products on this page are class 2 double insulated. No earth required
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Double Insulated Light Fittings

Purchase Double Insulated Lighting here on our specialist website. Every product is class 2 rated so if you don't have an earth in your home electrics, then this is the only website to visit for all your non-earth lighting needs!!

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The typical old style lighting electrics with a single red and black cable

Why spend a fortune on a rewire when you can buy class 2 double insulated lights here

Our brand new range of LED striplight style kitchen lights

We stock the latest in specialist lights that only require positive & negative wiring.

Double insulated products are perfect for those people who have been advised by their electrician to either have their home wiring upgraded with an earth or to purchase lights that are class 2. Your electrician may have removed an older light only to find that you don't have an earthing wire and that he cannot put the previous light back in place. If so, there's no need to panic. The products on this site are all suitable in this instance.

Class 2 lighting can also be made of metal!

There's no need to compromise on style & design. Our comprehensive range is made of the same materials & finishes that ordinary lights are. View our video (left) for more information